All over the world, the term Black Friday has come to mean “cheap Goods” and it is the one day in a year which consumers eagerly await.

Black Friday which is usually the day following Thanksgiving Day in the U.S (the fourth Thursday in November). This day is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and most major retail shops participate by offering promo sales.

Originally named Black Friday due to the traffic situation usually witnessed on the roads on this said day in most cities in the U.S, it has come to be observed by many other countries including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, India, Romania, Australia, the U.K and German speaking countries in Europe (Austria, Switzerland and Germany).


2014 saw the introduction of this Black Friday to countries like Denmark, Sweden, South Africa, Nigeria, Bolivia, Colombia, Ireland, Lebanon and France.

This trend has now become accepted and recognized all over the world as many shops now offer major discounts on the day.

A quick check on where to find the best deals produced the following result;

1) Wal-Mart

2) Target

3) Amazon

4) Ebay

5) Best Buy.

All over the world, online stores have joined the trend and offer mouthwatering discount to consumers (up to 90% on select items) and this has driven up their total revenue by as much as 35-40%. These stores advertise discounts as early as late October in a bid to make sure consumers are well aware of what they have to offer.

It is on record that some stores open late on Thanksgiving day and run all through to Friday and even Saturday! Some retail shops have been known to open as early 12:00 A.M on Black Friday and as a result consumers are forced to camp out at the store premises waiting to be the first to get into the store and pick what they want while it is still in stock!9to5toys-black-friday-2013-line

If you are one of these campers, do not forget to take some warm clothing, and probably a thermos of hot liquid as it tends to get very chilly at around midnight through 5:00 A.M.

The police in some cities have reported cases of violence and unruly behavior among consumers and have expressed discontent with the way some of the stores fail to provide adequate security personnel to help control the teeming number of customers who turn out for shopping.BF1_3121148b

If you are in the U.S then check out these participating stores in your locality; Toys ‘R’ us, Sears, American Eagle, Victoria Secret, MK, Nike, Jordan, Puma, Aeropost, K-Mart, Forever 21  etc.

If you are in the U.K then you should try Amazon, Asda, Argos, Tesco, Apple, Littlewoods, AO retail, John Lewis, Cotswold outdoor etc.

In Europe, French residents (who are most likely to have an aversion to crowded places giving recent events), can try Apple, and Amazon, while FNAC and Auchan offer online deals for those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes.  Germany, Austria and Switzerland residents are offered a joint sales initiative by hundreds of online Stores which include Disney store, Zalando, Sony and Galeria Kaufhof.

Indians have also become increasingly involved in the Black Friday trend with stores like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon offering major discounts.

In Africa, Nigeria and SouthAfrica participating for the second year this year will see offers from online giant store Jumia.com, Konga.com, Payporte as well as retail outlets Shoprite, Game etc offering major discounts.

While some people think it is totally insane to indulge in the Black Friday rush to the Store, others see it as a tradition and an opportunity to get items they have always wanted a very good prices.

It is advised to always think safety when going to the store on Black Friday, Please leave toddlers at home with the babysitter, do not carry excess amounts of cash, your credit/debit cards are preferable for obvious reasons, stay hydrated, do not forget your inhalers(for those who need it) and always remember that its not a do or die affair. Happy hunting everyone!

Exerpts from Wikipedia.

Photo credits: Google images.