A wealthy Brazilian businessman stirred a wave of negative reactions when he announced on his Facebook page that he plans to bury his beloved Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

Chiquinho Scarpa, 62, said he would bury his £310,000 ($479,198) Bentley so that he would be able to drive it in the afterlife. He explained that he has taken inspiration from Egyptian Pharaohs, who were buried with their most precious belongings, and even promised that he would entomb the Bentley by the end of the week (September 21-22).

Then he started posting photos of himself digging a hole for the car in the yard of his Sao Paulo mansion, which triggered a wide range of reactions on the social network. Obviously, most of the reactions were negative towards the eccentric Scarpa, labeling him as a crazy person who wants to do something absurd instead of donating the car for charity.

Finally the day came on Friday, September 20, when Mr. Scarpa had also invited the media to cover the funeral of the car.

As the car was entering the grave, story took a very different twist, as he stopped the ceremony and delivered the following speech:

”People have condemned me for trying to bury an expensive Bentley. The fact is, most people bury something a lot more valuable than my car. People bury hearts, livers, lungs, eyes, and kidneys. This is absurd. There are so many people out there waiting for a transplant and you will bury healthy organs that can save so many lives. This is the biggest waste in the world. My Bentley is worthless in comparison to life giving organs. There is no wealth more valuable than an organ, because there is nothing more valuable than life.

I officially announce I am an organ donor this week. I’m an organ donor, are you? Tell your family.”

Then he posted a photo of him in the press conference promoting Brazil’s national week of organ donation. With a banner behind him that read “It’s absurd to bury something much more valuable than a Bentley: your organs”, the businessman held a card saying “I am an organ donor. And you?”

It turns out everything was an ingenious publicity stunt to promote organ donation.

This event was nominated for one of the most creative media campaign in that year. It is noteworthy that organs donations to Brazilian Association of Organ Transplantation increased by 31.5% in just 1 month of the campaign.

Kudos to Mr. Scarpa!

For those wondering whether or not he buried the Bentley, he didn’t.  After all, it would be foolish to dump such a nice car.