Justice N. Kirubakaran, in a recent order against a British national, made the recommendation to the Centre saying that castration would achieve “magical results” in preventing child abuse.

The Madras High Court recommended castration as punishment to pedophiles in the view that “barbaric crimes should definitely attract barbaric models of punishment”.

Moved by the recent tragic incidents in various parts of the country, Justice N. Kirubakaran said “When law is ineffective and incapable of addressing the menace, this court cannot keep its hands folded and remain a silent spectator, unmoved and oblivious of the recent happenings of horrible blood-curdling gang rapes of children in various parts of India”

Source: The Indian Express

If this law is implemented, will it reduce the rate of child sexual abuse? Possibly.  Many other countries including Indonesia have already put in place chemical castration as punishment against child sexual abuse.  In several states of U.S. the law is applicable in the abuse of a minor under 13 years of age.

Is this something extreme that violates the human rights of the guilty, who should rather be punished with other means?

Or should this become a law in the interest of justice for the victims and a solution to expect “magical results” as stated by the Justice?

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