10,000 fewer cars, pollution levels drop 21%

On Tuesday, Gurgaon has finally implemented the Car Free Day, the first instalment of it, that the city will from now on observe every Tuesday.

On day one, the results were revolutionary with reported 10,000 fewer cars on the city’s roads. The air was much more breathable. Levels of PM 2.5 – fine pollutants emitted by vehicles – were 21 per cent lower in the congested Cyber City area.

The credit for this novel idea goes to the city police and a clutch of MNCs to get the city’s car-loving people to ditch their private vehicles and take to public transport. Four stretches were identified for this experiment, and the city administration and police went the extra mile to ensure there were more autos, shuttle buses and Rapid Metro trains.

Although there is no law enforcing this idea, the citizens of Gurgaon voluntarily complied, showing their responsibility and willingness to contribute to this green measure.

Some of the public that used to commute to work every day amidst the intolerable traffic has commented that it felt like paradise yesterday.  It was also understood that the awareness has not yet reached every citizen of the city.  So it is expected to be more effective the upcoming Tuesday.

It is notable that other top cities of the world are expected to implement this measure as well, Paris being one of them.

Source: Times of India