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You must have already gotten enough information with all the hype through commercials and reviews on TV, Internet and Social Media.  So what’s the next step >> to buy it or not? which is better out of 6S and 6S plus?

We’ll highlight some of the major pros and cons, and make a brief comparison with one of its biggest competitor of 2015, to help you in your decision.

First, on comparing the specs of 6S & 6S plus, not much differences are noticed except for the obvious size difference and the optical image stabilization feature in the camera which is missing in the former.


Apple’s statement on the release “The only thing that’s changed is everything.”  is apparently true to great extents.

For the first time, Apple has added completely unheard of new features like 3D touch, Live Photos and more, and in a long series of releases this is the first time Apple has also upgraded the camera resolution.  A 12MP rear camera and 5MP front facing with a lot of attractive features including 4k recording, slow motion recording (upto 240fps @ 720p and 120 fps @ 1080p) and more.

3D touch seems to be a really unique and next generation feature, check it out here.  The device understands your gesture based on the amount of pressure your finger exerts on the screen.

There is also the option to take pictures of 8MP in between 4k video recording.

Improved processor, with new version of the operating system iOS9.


Apple is still continuing to provide the same set of variants as in it’s previous releases of iPhone, starting with the least priced at 16GB.  In a device with such powerful features and technology, what good could a mere 16GB do?  Although the price is (somewhat) attractive for this variant of the phone it won’t take days before you run out of memory, due to options such as 4k recording, new apps and other features.  Moreover fresh IOS apps are expected to be developed and released with the 3D touch feature incorporated, imagine a fantastic app tailored uniquely for your phone and not being able to install it due to low memory.

If you want to sustain your joy of investing on this great gadget for a long time, you would have to shed the extra bucks to go for the one with more memory.

Now lets compare iPhone 6s Plus with what is considered as it’s biggest rival of the year – GALAXY S6 EDGE of Samsung (the “Plus” version is chosen for comparison because it’s size is closely identical with the latter)

Galaxy S6 Compare

For more detailed comparison of these phones, please check http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=7505&idPhone2=7243

From the comparison of the specs, clearly the Galaxy S6 of Samsung beats Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus in various aspects, nonetheless the latest features introduced with the 6S can be considered an edge as well.  Besides, Apple has its loyal users who would have still gone for it’s brand, even if there wasn’t many significant improvements.

Now it is left for you to decide, which phone to buy or whether to wait for release from other major brands, so the prevailing market prices go down in the competition.